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Our Story

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Although Area V encompasses the states of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, and the western half of Pennsylvania, Area V began in the state of Ohio. Lady Ange McCleod was the organizer of the Cincinnati, Ohio, Chapter, which was the very first chapter chartered in Area V. The Cincinnati Chapter was organized in 1968, four years after the founding of Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. Since Top Ladies of Distinction was founded in the state of Texas, chapters were being chartered in that state. However, Cincinnati was the second chapter chartered outside of the state of Texas, and the third chapter to charter outside of the state of Texas was the Columbus, Ohio, Chapter, both of which are located in Area V. 

The first designated Syn-Lod, our national Leadership Conference, was held June 20-22, 1969 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since that time, Syn-Lod has been held in Columbus, Ohio in June 1977; Dayton, Ohio in June 1981; Detroit, Michigan in June 1990; Columbus, Ohio in June 1997, Cleveland, Ohio in June 2009 and Detroit, Michigan in June 2021.

We are proud to announce that the fourth National President of Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc., Lady Vivian Crawley, hailed from the Cincinnati Chapter, Area V. The national theme under her watch was “TLOD, Shapers of Change : A Continuing Commitment.” Her program of work was to render service to Youth and Adults and promote community activities to achieve social change.

Many years have passed since the beginning of Area V, and over time the following chapters have been chartered:
Cincinnati Chapter - September 30, 1968
Columbus Chapter - May 25, 1971
Wilberforce Chapter - June 5, 1973
Indianapolis Chapter - June 9, 1973
Dayton Chapter - November 13, 1976
Detroit Chapter - May 22, 1977
Greater Cleveland Chapter - November 5, 1977
Cite’d’etroit Chapter - February 14, 1982
Louisville Chapter - September 4, 1982
Flint Chapter - June 22-26, 1983
Ann Arbor Chapter - June 22-26, 1983
Toledo Chapter - November 12, 1983
Michigan Metro Chapter - November
Saginaw Chapter - June 2, 1985
Renaissance Chapter - December 20, 1986
Oakland County Chapter - February 27, 1988
Lexington Chapter - November 10, 1989
Twinsburg Chapter - May 19, 2001
Northwest Indiana Chapter - September 28
, 2008

Pittsburgh Steel City Chapter - March 30, 2023

Southfield Chapter - November 4, 2023

We have had many dynamic Area V leaders over the 50 years of service Area V has been in existence:   
Lady Arge Mc Cleod, Cincinnati Chapter
Lady Ethel KuyKindall, Indianapolis Chapter
Lady Marjorie Holland, Columbus Chapter
Lady Roberta Pickett, Detroit Chapter
Lady Carolyn Utz, Columbus Chapter
Lady E. Kathleen Cook, Cincinnati Chapter, 
Lady Justine Lofton, Cite’d’etroit Chapter
Lady Jeffrey P. King, Detroit Chapter
Lady Mary F. Hunter, Detroit Chapter
Lady Jeffrey P. King, Detroit Chapter
Lady Veronica Nesbitt, Columbus Chapter
Lady Gwendolyn I. Robinson, Cincinnati Chapter
Lady Sybil McDowell, Cincinnati Chapter 
Lady Roxyanne Burrus, Columbus Chapter

Lady Marsha Wells, Indianapolis Chapter

Our history is rich and sustaining. We have provided service to mankind for 50 years.  Area V continues to build on that legacy and seeks growth year after year.   


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